Deep Flutes

Deep Flutes

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Chris Hein - Winds Vol.5    Deep Flutes


• Bass Flute

• ContraBass Flute

• SubContraBass Flute

• Shakuhachi (Bonus)

• Pads, Drones,

• Drum, & Percussion

Introducing the ultimate virtual flute experience:

With approx. 5.000 samples per instrument, 

49 articulations, up to 16 dynamic-layers

and a highly customizable user interface,

the instruments in CH-Winds Vol.5 Deep Flutes are definitely

the most detailed sampled deep flute instruments on the planet.



4 rare and unique instruments

and much more

Elevate your music production to new heights with Deep Flutes,

where every breath becomes music and every note resonates with emotion.

Hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these extraordinary,

rare and unique instruments transport you to new sonic realms

with its unparalleled realism and expressiveness.

Bass Flute

16.540 Samples

10GB content

up to

49 articualtions

up to

16 dynamic layers



Unlock a universe of possibilities with an extensive array of up to 49 articulations, from delicate sustains, flutter tongue, trills, harmonics to powerful staccatos, allowing you to breathe life into your compositions with unparalleled authenticity. 

Contra Bass Flute

4 Dynamic Modes



Keyboard & X-Morph

Auto X-Morph

True Legato and Glide-Mode

for every articulation

Note-Head Designer

easy access to 72 attacks per note

But the magic doesn't stop there.

Chris Hein - Deep Flutes empowers you to sculpt and shape your sound with precision. Explore a wealth of features to tailor your flute's timbre to perfection, from subtle vibrato and dynamic control to advanced customization options for the user interface. 

Sub Contra Bass Flute

Realtime Blending controls

flutter tongue & trills

Emotional sustains

Riffs & Effects

Drones & Impacts 

fat, bad and deep

Flute based pads

delicate, evolving, atmospheric

10 build in DSP-Effects

2 independent Convolution Reverbs

63 high class impulse responses

Pads &


Whether you're seeking the warmth of a traditional flute or pushing the boundaries of experimental sound design, the possibilities are endless.

Drum & Percussion

Tons of flute based percussive samples

Drums, playable percussions,

Grooves & Effects

Audio Demos

Main Features

• Bass Flute

• ContraBass Flute

• SubContraBass Flute

• Bonus Shakuhachi

• Drum & Percussions

• Designed Pads, Drones

• 10 GB Content   

• 16.540 Samples

• up to 49 Articulations 

• Up To 16 Dynamic Layers

• 4 Dynamic Modes

• Dynamic Expression Sustains

• Intelligent Legato

• Glide-Mode to play realistic runs

• Note-Head Designer

• Hot-Keys

• 10 build in DSP-Effects

• 2 independent Convolution Reverbs

• 63 high class impulse responses

• Attack- & Release controls

• Special Noise Controls

• Ensemble Maker

• Micro-Tuner

• Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI

• Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ

• Customizable Auto-Vibrato

• Key-Vibrato

User Interface

The user-interface holds tons of features on several pages to customize the sound and playability exactly the way you want it.

However, if you don‘t feel like editing, just play and explore the pre-programmed Key-Switch presets ranging from A-1 to A#1 on the lower keys on your midi-keyboard.

To achieve the feeling of a live performance, the user interface offers 4 "Dynamic Modes", „Note-Head Designer“, „Key-Vibrato“, „Hot-Keys“ and a revolutionary new concept of articulation presets. Using the included TouchOSC Remote-Controller for iDevices it is remarkably easy to control the instruments and create the most detailed, realistic woodwind tracks ever.

Click here to see the detailed articulation list of all instruments

„Twin Brothers“

by Przemyslaw Kopczyk


„Drum Grooves“

The instrument: „Flute Drum & Bass“ contains tonal percussive flute samples.

Use the notes on the right side to play a groove, and change the root note with the key switches on the left.


Realtime Control

Realtime performance using Leap Motion

There are many ways to control the many functions to achieve a convincing realtime performance.

You can use hardware faders, a breath controller,

TouchOSC on an iPad is a good choice.

Bernd Keul provides a nice video example of controlling CH-Orchestral Winds using the Leap Motion sensor controller together with Geko MIDI, the controller app for Leap Motion.

The leap motion is the only controller which enables to control multiple functions at a time in a pretty intuitive way.