Chris Hein - OCTA

A New Dimension Of Virtual Instruments

Chris Hein - OCTA is the first instrument from the MEGA STRUCTURE series.

100 Instruments

First of all, CH-OCTA contains 100 fantastic sounding Solo Instrument


64 beautiful Solo Instruments

32 carefully selected Synths

4 Percussion sets with 1.500 Samples

8-Channel Multi Instruments

The fun really starts, if you combine up to 8 sound sources

to create stumming Multi Instrument 

8 channel mixer

individual sound source browser with many presets for each instrument.

Unique controls for each channel:

- Chord Type

- Transpose

- Tune

- Playing Type

- Individual audio outputs

- Individual Keyrange with fade in- and out

- Envelope

- Velocity dynamic controls

- Keyswitches to activate channels

Comprehensive 8-Core Sequenzer