Chris Hein - OCTA


Settings Page

The Settings Page holds various global parameters, the MIDI CC assignments and the X-Y Pad Automation.

Each channel can have its individual MIDI CC for Volume, Pan, Filter Cut Off and Resonance

The MIDI CCs let you automate all these functions in your DAW.

If you have a hardware MIDI controller with 8 faders, you can handle these functions like on a hardware mixer.

The OCTA-Pad can be automated with the sequencer or here on the settings page,

if you want to use the OCTA-Pad without any sequence running.

First, make sure, on the Main Page, all or at least a few channels are assigned to the OCTA-Pad.

Now you can automate the PAD movement:

- using the mouse,

- with two MIDI CCs from an external hardware controller,

- by drawing the CCs in the editor in your DAW.

But you can also record the Pad Movement within the

instrument. Activate „Pad Automation“, click record,

press a note and move the cursor in the XY-Pad.

The recording stops, when the selected length

of the sequence is over.

Of cause you and edit and fine tune the

XY-Pad movement later.

The MIDI mode changes the general behaviour of the Instrument.

When set to Instrument, all channels respond to the same MIDI Channels assigned for the Instrument.

When set to „Channel“ channel 1-8 respond to MIDI channel 1-8 and MIDI channel 9-16 affect all channels

This way you can play each instrument channel on its own MIDI channel.

When „Channel“ is activated, the instrument must be set to omni to receive all incoming MIDI channels.

Activate „Round Robin“

and assign the note for the Repetition key.

Blend Mode sets the MIDI CC for blending channels in or out,

depending on the settings on the main page.

Assign the MIDI CCs for Vibrato Intensitiy and Vibrato Speed

Assign the MIDI CCs for the Sequencer velocity.

Set the position of the Sequencer variation keys

Assign the MIDI CCs for X & Y axes of the OCTA-Pad