Chris Hein - Horns COMPACT Review by „Sound&Gear“

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Berthold Matschat - Chromatic Harmonica Player
We were very happy when BM consented to have his rare harmonica sampled. There are very few chromatic harmonica players worldwide, and he is the leading player in Germany. BM is also an accomplished jazz pianist and composer. Because he works extensively with sample instruments in his own studio, he had a detailed concept of what needs to be played on the harmonica and sampled.
His tone is particularly soulful and emotional. We recorded and old Hohner harmonica, that dates back to those times, when Hohner could impress with the words “Made in Germany”.
BM has been touring and recording in Europe extensively. He is also specialized in recording via internet. Feel free to contact him and have him play on your recording:
E-Mail: Tel.: +491775985011