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One of the most innovative functions in CHG is the Chord-Mode,

The Chord-Mode is an easy way to play a realistic rhythm guitar.

To enter the Chord-Mode simply press the corresponding keyswitch.

Controls Chord-Mode


When you play a chord in the chord key area, the built-in chord detection recognizes the chord you play and voices the chord in the way a real guitar player would do. For example: if you play e-g#-h the chord detection recognizes E-major and sets the voices to the six guitar strings: e-b-e-g-h-e. of course it is possible to play different voicings; for exmaple: if you play g#-b-e, its still E-Major, but the chord detection sets the voices to g#-e-g#-b-e-g#

The chord detection recognizes the chord instantly. So, you play the chord slightly before activating the chord with the strumming keys, just Like you would do with the keyswitches.

You don't have to hold the chord keys. Once pressed, the chord detection works, and you have your left hand free. to add some of the effects sounds here and there, or to use your expression slider.

In Chord-Mode the keyboard is devided into 4 sections:

Keyswitches: (C0-F#1) instantly changes articulation modes

Chord Keys: (B2-B4) play chord here

Chord-Strumming Keys: (C5-E6) activates the chords

Single Note-Strumming Keys: (F6-C7) single Note Strumming

Strumming Keys
The strumming keys are available in 16 different articulations. Additionally there are 6 single note keys, one for each corres ponding guitar string. These keys can be used for additional single notes or to play finger picking chord pattern.
When using the SingleNote-Strumming, you hear the articulation of the last Strumming-Key you have pressed.
Downstrokes are located on the white keys, upstroke are located on the black keys.

Release Note Off: When Pressing this button the colour changes to orange and forces the sound to stop when you release the strumming key. When the button is not pressed, the chord keeps sounding until you press another strumming key, which allows for a nice legato strumming.

Auto-Velocity: This popup menu lets you decide how many strings perform the strumming. Setting it to 6,5,4 or 3 strings, forces the sound to play with the corresponding amount of tones. If set to Auto-Velo, the amount of strings depends on the velocity of the left hand. If you play the chords very soft, only 3 strings sound, while the louder you play the chords, the more strings sound.

Chord-Mode  Controls
Speed: Controls the strumming speed.

Random: adds randomness to the strumming speed.

Harmonic / strict - Bass: if harmonic bass is selected, the lowest note of the chord stays on the root key, while if strict bass is selected, the lowest key played on the keyboard will also be the lowest note played in the chord.