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Load & Play - The easy way to create perfect Rhytm-Guitars.

The Chord-Patterns are prepared rhythm-pattern for the Chord-Mode in CHG.

A Chord-Pattern is a midifile that can be used in combination with the corresponding guitar-instrument. Each pattern consists of a 4-16 bar rythm, each with 4 variations.
A chord-pattern consists of at least two midi-tracks:
Track1 - contains the chord-notes, played in the chord-area.
Track2 - contains the strumming-notes, played on the strumming-key C5-C7
Depending on the instrument and style, there are some more tracks containing additional controller-data.

Everything is changable:
- Create your own harmonies by exchanging the chord-track.
- Create your own variations by re-arranging single parts of the strumming track.
- Change the speed to any tempo you like, the strumming follows.
- Add liveness by using additional controllers or edit existing ones.
- Create your own rythm track by editing the strumming in detail.

How does it work:
Load the midifile into your sequenzer and the corresponding CHG-Instrument into the kontakt-player. Select the correct midichannel (default is channel-1). Now hit the sequenzers start-button, and you should hear the instrument playing exactly like in the audio-example.
(Note: If you play the midifile from your computer, or with any instrument without the chord-mode selected, you'll here some sensefree high notes.)
To create your own rhythm-tracks mute Track1 holding the chord-information, put on a click-track, press play or record on your sequenzer, and play your own chords in the chord-area. Play any chord in any timing, the chord-pattern plays the strumming always perfectly in time. You don't have to hold the chords. Once pressed, the strumming continues playing this chord until you change it or touch the stop button. The chords should be played slightly before the beat, like you play the keyswitches. The chord-detections works very fast. At least 1 millisecond is enough. I always play the chords, quantize the track and move the whole thing a tick earlier.
To create your own rhythm variations, re-arrange parts of the strumming track. Copy and paste single bars or whole parts of the variations to fit to your song. You can even use parts of different chord-pattern and mix them together. Just take care about the controller-tracks.
Change the speed to any tempo you like, the chord-pattern always follows the tempo. Thats because the strummings are based on single-notes and not on pre-recorded rhythm-samples.
If you like to edit the strumming, open your sequenzers note-editor. Here you can see how the strumming is made and edit every single event: Change timing, dynamics, articulations, etc. Use additional controllers like expression, center-bridge playing, different attacks, etc.
The possibilities are endless.

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