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The Slide-Mode simulates a real guitarist, sliding his fingers across the guitar neck.

You can choose from two different Slide-Modes.

To enter Slide-Mode simply press the corresponding keyswitch.

„Slide Mode 1“ (Keyswitch G#0)

Play a note in any articulation, press the keyswitch-key G#0 to enter the slide mode 1 instantly. Now play another note, and the sound you'll hear slides from the first note to the second note. Depending on the guitar, the slide mode 1 has a range of 1-7 or 1-12 half steps up and down.

„Slide-Mode 2“ (Keyswitch A0 & A#0)
Press the keyswitch A0 to enter the slide mode 2 instantly. Play a note, the slide starts immediatly. Play another note to stop the slide whenever you want.
A0 selects slide-mode2 up A#0 selects slide-mode2 down

The Slide Speed is adjustable through the user interface or cc 05. In Slide Mode 2 you can decide wether the second note that stops the slide is a sustain note or a hammer-on note, which has a softer attack.

Controls Slide-Mode