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1 Solo / Mute

2 Tune - (CC09)

3 Panorama - (CC10)

4 Volume - (CC07)

5 Level Indicator

Expression (CC11)

One of the most powerful features in CHG. Most guitars have different variants of their articulations. You can switch between these variants with the expression knob. E-guitar muted e.g. has seven different variants of the complete keyboard-layout, from close mute to open, each with seven velocities.

Onn hammer-on and pull-off, the expression knob blends to an nice feedback effect. Play a thrill in solo-mode (F1) and raise the expression knob. For best results, connect an expression foot-pedal.


You can either choose the articulation manually from the drop-down menu or use the corresponding keyswitch which is displayed in the menu. During playing, the actual articulation is shown in this menu.


Adds a second note to the note that is played. You can choose between different intervals.

H_time - sets a delay for the harmonized notes.

Electric / Acoustic (CC03) (Jazz Guitar only)

The Jazz-Guitar is recorded in stereo. The left channel contains the electric signal, while the right channel contains the acoustic signal, recorded via microphone. You can seamlessly blend between electric and acoustic sound.

Alternation Mode (Plectrum Guitars only)

All plectrum guitars have down- and upstroke samples. You can choose between different alternation-modes: strict - automatic alternation between down- and upstroke samples. Automatic - Down- and upstroke alternation, starting with downstroke. After an adjustable time, between two notes, alternation starts with downstroke again.

Downstroke - strict downstroke playing, no alternation.

Upstroke - strict upstroke playing, no alternation.

By CC65 - manual alternation via midicontroller CC65.

Alt Time - sets the time interval for automatic mode in ms. after the selected time interval, alternation starts with downstroke.