Details - Mixer

Up to 8 instruments can be loaded and played within one Multi-Instrument of CHH-Compact.

If you need more instruments playing simultaneously, simply open a second Multi-Instrument in your Kontakt-Player. The dropdown menu lets you assign any of the 53 Solo-Instruments and 6 Synth-Brass instruments into any of the 8 channels.

CHH-Compact is highly optimized to use the lowest possible ram.

Load multiple Multi Instruments and create a unique Sax-Section, a shiny selection of Trumpets and a low & fat Trombone, Tuba, Bass-Sax combo.

All in one instance of your Kontakt-Player !


Load - Loads an instrument into your computers RAM.

Solo - Mutes all other instrument channels to solo the selected instrument.

Mute - Mutes the selected instrument channel.

Instrument - Assigns an instrument from this drop down menu to assign it to the selected channel.

Volume - Sets the volume for each instrument channel separately

Panorama - Places the selected instrument channel in the stereo field.

FT - Fine-Tunes the instrument from -50 to +50 cents. (Works great for sections.)

Out - If you have multiple outputs configured in the Kontakt-Player Output settings, this dropdown menu lets you select an individual audio output for each channel. (Requires a multi-output audio-interface.)

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