CHH-COMPACT contains all 53 instruments from CHH Vol.1-4 with five articulations

Two types of instruments are included:

CHH-COMPACT   Multi Instrument

01Sax Sopran A

02Sax Sopran B

03Sax Alto Solo

04Sax Alto A

05Sax Alto B

06Sax Alto C

07Sax Tenor Solo

08Sax Tenor A

09Sax Tenor B

10Sax Bariton A

11Sax Bariton B

12Sax Bass

13Sax Contra Bass

14Fluegelhorn A

15Fluegelhorn B

16Fluegelhorn C

17Fluegelhorn D

18Trumpet Solo

19Trumpet A

20Trumpet B

21Trumpet C

22Trumpet D

23Trumpet Mute A Harmon

24Trumpet Mute B Harmon

25Trumpet Mute C Harmon

26Trumpet Mute D Harmon

27Trumpet Mute E Straight

28Trumpet Mute F Straight

29Trumpet Mute G Cup

30Trumpet Mute H Cup

CHH-COMPACT - Instrument List
CHH-COMPACT   Single Instrument

31Trombone Tenor Solo

32Trombone Tenor A

33Trombone Tenor B

34Trombone Tenor C

35Trombone Tenor D

36Trombone Bass A

37Trombone Bass B

38Trombone Tenor Mute A Cup

39Trombone Tenor Mute B Cup

40Trombone Tenor Mute C Straight

41Trombone Tenor Mute D Bucket

42Trombone Bass Mute A Cup

43Trombone Bass Mute B Cup

44Trombone Bass Mute C Straight

45Trombone Bass Mute D Bucket

46Tuba F

47Tuba Bb



50Clarinet Eb

51Clarinet Bb

52Clarinet Bass

53Clarinet Contra Bass

54Synth Brass 1

55Synth Brass 2

56Synth Brass 3

57Synth Trumpets

58Synth Bones

59Synth Saxes

CHH-COMPACT has 4 Multi-Instruments and 53 single instrument.

The multi-instrument have an 8-channel mixer to instantly load different single instruments.

All instruments in a multi-instrument react on the same midi channel and act as one instrument.

Its really fun to build colorful sections by loading different instrument into the mixer.

However, the multi-instruments need quite a bit computer performance, especially when using the

„Velo-Mode“. If you only need single instruments, its recommended to use the single instruments.

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