CHH-Pro  Real Time Controller

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Based on Hexlers TouchOSC, we programmed a Real Time Controller for your iPad or iPhone.

Its not just fun to edit each and every function in

CHH-Pro from your iPad/iPhone, the biggest benefit is, you can easiliy record your edits into your DAW.

Instead of fiddling with midi CCs in your sequencer, just press record and move the knobs and faders on your iPad/iPhone to record the controller movements with your sequence.

Just get TouchOSC for a cheap prize at the Apple App Store, and install the CHH-Pro Real Time Controller for free.

Watch the „How it works“ and „Installation instructions“ videos below to get more info on the

CHH-Pro Real Time Controller

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Download CHH-Pro Real time Controller for iPhone and iPad
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Download general 127 Channel MIDI CC Controller
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