CHH-Pro  Whats New?

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New features in Chris Hein Horns-Pro:

- New C-Flute instrument in CHH-Pro Vol.1 and CHH-Pro Complete

- All new graphical user interface

- Phase synchronized samples for perfect blending between velocities

- Extremly customizable articulation presets including copy paste feature.

- New key-switch preset management

- New flexibel Hot-Key management

- Articulations can be unloaded to save memory

- Memory depending effects can be unloaded to save memory.

- Speed change for all articulations

- Five different velocity x-fade modes

- Velocity fade filter

- Transient designer

- New effects: Attack shapes, Air, Noise, Release effects.

- 16 new convolution impulses for reverb

- Improved key-vibrato

- Two independent, intelligent LFO-Vibrato types

- Auto vibrato

- Assignable pitchbend

- iPad & iPhone real time remote controller

Here's an overview of the new features and improvements of CHH-Pro:

A deeply sampled new Instruments: The C-Flute.

Sampled in great detail and a variety of playing styles such as Non Vibrato, Vibrato, Singing and even Shakuhachi Style, this instrument adds a different color to the palette. The new C-Flute is part of CHH-Pro Vol.1, CHH-Pro Complete and CHH-COMPACT


makes tweaking and editing a breeze. Sculpt the sound of the instrument and define exactly how it reacts to your playing.

All Sustain Samples and some other articulation have been phase-aligned.

This procedure optimizes interdependent samples and allows Velocity Crossfades smooth as silk from piano to forte.

Use the instrument's full dynamic capabilities to create a vivid performance.


are now even more customizable, using the latest features of the Kontakt engine - for example the time machine and the transient designer. Control speed, panorama, volume and transpose and many more parameters for each playing style of an instrument individually.

We re-invented the management of key-switch presets.

All settings of any preset can now copied to any other easily. You can even save all presets of a patch, including your personal key-switch preferences, and import them into another. Save time and organize key-switches the way you want them.

Ram management.

All articulations and ram-demanding effects can be loded or unloaded individually.

Remove unused articulations and switch off ram-demanding effect settings to free up memory and keep the memory footprint as low as possible.

Speed change of all articulations.

The speed of all articulations can be adjusted indivudually. This is usefull not only for the time-depending articulations like Crescendo, Runs or Falls. Also sustains, shake and trills benefit from the time adjustment, because it changes the attack and the general sound of the sample.

There are now five different VELOCITY XFADE MODES

providing you with maximum flexibility to control the dynamic of the instrument. Play realistic Crescendi and Swells locked to the song tempo using the two new AUTO XFADE MODES.


are perfect to dial in liveliness. Add up to three layers of different Attack Samples to give your sound more punch or dirt, or blend in the sound of playing noises and the air flowing through the instrument to bring it closer to the listener.

CHH2 contains 16 additional CONVOLUTION impulses of reverbs.

Place your instruments on a scoring stage or play them in a small room.


uses musical values, based on the song tempo, to blend in natural modulation of tune and volume.

Popular playing styles like falls or shakes are now ASSIGNABLE to the PITCH-BEND WHEEL.

Trigger these effects intuitively without having to remember key-switches.

iPad/iPhone Real Time Controller

Based on Hexlers TouchOSC we programmed a real time controller for all features in CHH-Pro.

Instead of fiddling with CC data in your DAW, you just record the automation data from your iPhone or iPad.