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Impulse Response Collections:

Jazz Collection If you're after rich, unique and an incredibly well-rounded IR library for upcoming jazz productions, then look no further!  Small rooms to beautiful halls.  Lots of  multiple mic patterns and placements! The Jazz Collection includes numerous interesting IRs captured for natural jazz placement and settings, also for great utility recording and post use.  This library is phenomenal and is packed with IRs of many rooms and halls all of all sizes from brass plate reverbs to rich halls and spaces of all sizes.   There's no question, that this unique library has set the pace with Jazz IR capture, recording some of the most unique IRs.  This collection of jazz space impulses has been recorded in many famous halls and venues!  This is not just any jazz IR library, this is jamb packed with many exotic IRs!  Hands down, this is a great library and addition to any writer or producer wanting that natural and authentic jazz space feel.  All files processed in 96/24 wav - limited and subtle EQ taking advantage of the widest range and scope of each IR file for playability and use, making sure that each IR remains consistent and accurate to the original sonic blueprint of the space recorded. Compatible with virtually every convolution player on the market.

Product info:

51 ir samples of

recorded at 96KHz / 24bit

File size: 73,7MB

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