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Impulse Response Collections:

Orchestral Collection set of impulse response files includes many halls and auditoriums along with numerous stereo mic positions so that you can use a number of impulses in different room locations depending on the production.  Many mic placements from all over these venues including foyers, 2nd and 3rd level orchestral hall seating and of course lots of great sounding halls and rooms.  Some spaces are recorded with intentional mic placements to grab the ambience of the actual stage, but allowing some of the auditorium to sneek in, giving the production a realness factor that’s hard to compete with.  This library was recorded so that the listener really feels the true nature of the hall and feel like they are actually there!  These are all in 96/24 with a total of 50 files.  Multiple files recorded in ORTF and rear facing cardiod mic pick up patterns for a nice wide stereo response.  Small condensor diaphragm mics used to minimize off axis coloration.  Great sounding library with lots of variety of rooms and that crete an intimate piano recital to gorgeous symphonic arrangements!  All files processed in 96/24 wav - limited and subtle EQ taking advantage of the widest range and scope of each IR file for playability and use, making sure that each IR remains consistent and accurate to the original sonic blueprint of the space recorded. Compatible with virtually every convolution player on the market.

Product info:

51 ir samples of

recorded at 96KHz / 24bit

File size: 73,7MB

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