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Impulse Response Collections:

Outside Ambience IR Collection is one of the most dramatic and dynamic impulse response libraries available on the market today!  From sound bouncing off 200 foot cliffs along a river bed, to the dry base of the largest waterfall drop in the southeastern US, along with many forest IRs, caves, cliff overhangs, underpasses, outside pavilions, covered walkways, along with a huge assortment of exotic urban IRs - like the Oak Bluffs Harbor from Martha's Vineyard encompassing this historic marina as sound bounces off buildings, downtown Chattanooga, sound rolling around a large lake and a wide variety of many other difficult to obtain IRs captured in this amazing collection!  Film, TV, Industrial, and Songwriter's alike will find this collection of rare and unusual outside ambiences, captured in pristine 96/24, a treasure to use within their next production!  Hands down this is one of the most inclusive libraries, if not the most inclusive outside ambience IR libraries available for use in productions.  Loaded with all of the outside ambiences that you could ever imagine, this collection will truly raise the bar in your next feature film.  How about using actual lightning strikes on your next thriller imposed on a character or used as an ambience creator, or the surreal sound of a flock of birds as your ambient reverb.  With so many impulses to choose from, your post production is a snap - just dial in the specific outside ambience that you need  to incorporate into your ADR, and you're done.  The Outside Ambience IR Library is way outside!

Product info:

51 ir samples of

recorded at 96KHz / 24bit

File size: 73,7MB

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