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Impulse Response Collections:

This Sound Design FX / SFX Collection is out of this world!  Packed with loads of IRs for use in your next Film, TV Spot, Industrial Design or just plain Ambience Layering to enhance your next hit production!  Ever wonder what a lightning strike would sound like applied as an actual FX on your feature project or the sound of a rain reverb, or perhaps stacked harmonies, stretched and pitched chimes, metal pulls, baby shakers, various kids toys, morphed animal sounds, multiple convolved human vocal poly chordal tones, along with loads of other sound sources, moving across your voice over - very cool stuff!  The fact is, this collection is just plain an inspiration for anyone looking for new, fresh and far out FX with new sonic texturing impulse response files and these sound great on Chris Hein Horns!  These FX can be applied as any reverb would be to vocals, brass, or to beef up your sound pallet that may need more edge and to anything in between.  This collection utilizes very organic sounds coupled with twisting and manipulating of files to create absolutely one of a kind IRs and sounds!  This sound design FX / SFX library is filled with short to long length IRs, from magical, surreal, to horror, thriller and anything in between.  We can just about guarantee that you will never have heard anything like this before and that you'll be completely blown away by the vast assortment and flexibility of this library sure to put the creative juices to work for you on any project!  All files 96/24 wav, compatible with virtually every convolution player on the market.  You need to hear it to believe it!

Product info:

51 ir samples of

recorded at 96KHz / 24bit

File size: 73,7MB

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