Chris Hein - OCTA


Effects Page

Up to 21 Effects can be assigned simultaneously to any instrument channel

The Effects page provides 3 ways to assign an effect to a channel:

- 6 Channel Effects plus an individual filter for each channel

- 6 Send Effects with an intensity fader for each channel

- 6 Insert Effects, which work as Master Effects for the whole instrument.

You can choose from three different views:

View A displays

the Mixer and the Channel Effects

View B displays

the Mixer and the Send Effects

View C displays

the Channel Effects and Send Effects

Filter has its own dedicated page.

Each channel can have its own filter settings.

Cut Off and Resonance can be animated with the sequencer.

Vibrato controls

are also on the Effects page.

Intensity and Speed are controllable via MIDI CC.

The intensity can control volume, Pitch and an Equalizer.

Vibrato can be turned on or off for each channel separately.

Channel Effects

Chose from a large variety of high quality,

on board effects. and assign up to 6 completely

independent effects for each channel.

Send Effects

present the most common effects.

The send level can also be animated

on the sequencer page.

Insert Effects

up to 8 Insert Effects can be assigned as master effects applied to all

channels of the instrument.