The Family of chris Hein - Horns

The most complete virtual-instruments library of Brass- & Woodwind instruments

for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Cinematic Productions


CH-Horns Vol.1


CH-Horns Vol.2


CH-Horns Vol.3


CH-Horns Vol.4




With 53 Solo-Instruments and 32 Section-instruments, with a total of approx. 80.000 samples and 50 GB content, Chris Hein - Horns is the worlds largest collection of Brass & Woodwind instruments, dedicated to Big-Band, Jazz, Pop & Funk, but also usable to spice up your orchestral tracks. CHH Vol.1 - Vol.4 contain different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other.  All instruments follow the same concept, so, if you know one, you know them all. Each volume contains solo-instruments as well as section combinations. 

CH-Horns is available as single volumes or as complete bundle

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13 x Trumpet

4 x Fluegelhorn

9 x Tenor-Trombone

6 x Bass-Trombone

1 x Cimbasso

2 x Tuba

1 x Alphorn


4 x Clarinet

2 x Soprano Sax

4 x Alto Sax

3 x Tenor Sax

2 x Baritone Sax

1 x Bass-Sax

1 x ContraBass-Sax

6 x Synth-Brass




New Pro features

- New C-Flute instrument in CHH-Pro Vol.1 and CHH-Pro Complete

- All new graphical user interface

- Phase aligned samples for perfect blending between Dynamics

- Extremly customizable articulation presets incl. copy paste.

- New key-switch preset management

- New flexibel Hot-Key management

- Articulations can be unloaded to save memory

- Memory depending effects can be unloaded to save memory

- Speed change for all articulations

- Five different velocity x-fade modes

- Velocity fade filter

- Transient designer

- New effects: Attack shapes, Air, Noise, Release effects.

- 16 new convolution impulses for reverb

- Improved key-vibrato

- Two independent, intelligent LFO-Vibrato types

- Auto vibrato

- Assignable pitchbend

- iPad & iPhone real time remote controller


The large amount of articulations and velocity-steps

is what makes "Chris Hein - Horns " sound so realistic.

The instruments in CHH Vol.1 have up to 38 articulations and up to 20 velocities.

All instruments in CHH Vol.2-4 have 19 articulations and up to 8 velocities

Realtime Control

Based on Hexlers TouchOSC, we programmed a Real Time Controller for your iPad or iPhone.

Its not just fun to edit each and every function in CHH-Pro from your iPad/iPhone,

the biggest benefit is, you can easiliy record your edits into your DAW. 

Instead of fiddling with midi CCs in your sequencer, just press record and move the knobs and faders on your iPad/iPhone to record the controller movements with your sequence.

Just get TouchOSC for a cheap prize at the Apple App Store, and install the CHH-Pro Real Time Controller for free.

Watch the „How it works“ and „Installation instructions“ videos below to get more info on the 

CHH-Pro Real Time Controller