Chris Hein - Bass

6 detailed sampled Basses

Chris Hein - Bass is an outstanding, sampled virtual instrument.

Thousands of samples, many articulations and dynamics all in one preset per instrument.

With about 20.000 samples and 12,4 GB content, a truly complete collection of 6 ultra realistic sounding Basses.

Audio Demos


6 Basses are included













Main Features

- 20.000 Samples

- 12,7 GB content
- up to 4.096 samples per instrument
- up to 42 articulations in one preset
- up to 8 velocities
- 112 intelligent MIDI controller

- Attack Controls

- Release Controls

- Chord / Strumming Mode

- Slide Mode

- Legato
- reverb, delay, chorus & 3-band EQ
Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, Filter.


Full list of articulations:

The large amount of up to 31 articulations is what makes "Chris Hein - Bass“ so realistic.

I tried to capture every single noise a bass is able to produce.

The main articulations are spread over 20 keyswitch-keys, located on the lower notes of the keyboard. Access to every articulation is made possible via an intuitive combination of keyswitches and midi-controllers.


All settings can be stored in a preset for instant access. 8 pre-programmed presets are available.

The Hot-Keys are special keys on the left side of the keyboard to trigger various effects on the fly.

Available Hot-Keys:

- Repetitions

- Short Notes

- Dead Notes

- Stop Noise

- Strum Noise

- Squeak

- Falls

- Cut Note

- Play Octave up

- Vibrato Up

- Vibrato Down


Key Vibrato

Rather than playing a static vibrato with the modwheel, this enables you to perform the vibrato manually on a key of your midi keyboard.

You can choose between Vibrato Up or Vibrato Down, which affects the pitch of the note being heard. A real vibrato, performed by a wind instrumentalist, consists of a change in volume and pitch. You can edit both parameters separately.

Key - Vibrato

”Center/Bridge” Blends seamlessly between center and bridge playing. This simulates the right-hand-position of a Bass player.

”Expression” CC11 lets you switch different variants of the same articulation. The variants are, hars Attack, Plectrum picked and Pinch Harmonics. The expression variants are available on sustain, shorts, hammer-on and pull-off.

Sub Bass adds a low Synth Bass to the sound.

Attack lets you choose from 3 different attack shapes.

Flageolet adds a flageolet sound 1 octave higher.

Sound - Controls


Standard Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls

The Attack Controls can be used to alter the attack of each note. This provides more life and realism.

The Release Controls can be used to alter the Release of each note. These effects appear when you release the note (Rel.Trigger)

Attack & Release - Controls

Included DSP-Effects:

- Equalizer

- Reverb

- Delay

- Chorus

- Flanger

- Phaser

- Compressor

- Filter

DSP - Effects

Controls & Scripts:
- Chord Mode,
- Different Slide Modes,
- Solo Mode (hammer on/pull off)
- Harmonizer
- Electric/acoustic blending
- different Release-Controls,,
- different attack -controls,
- Fall Control,
- Rattle Control
- Automatic Up- and Downstroke,
- Bridge- and Center playing
- Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flanger,
  Phaser, Filter included

Upright Bass Variations