Ultra Realistic Virtual Instruments


Chris Hein has 35 years of experience with sound samples. By 1986 he had already produced the legendary “Studio-Sample” series for Metra-Sound. 

In 1985 he was one of the first computer pioneers, to use the Commodore C-64 for computer music. His work for Emagic (the C-Lab application) at the Frankfurt Music Exhibition set the course for his successful work as a sound-arranger. With the SX-64, the world’s first laptop, he travelled to various music studios in Europe.

From Atari to Mac, he eventually settled down with the foundation of „Hine-Studio“ in 1990 and created innumerable sounds for CD-Productions, Film- & TV music, industrial shows and musicals. The focus of his work has always concentrated on the re-production of real orchestras with virtual instruments. 

The contract musicals “A World for Deinhard” (1994) and the great horse-musical productions “The Enchanted Forrest” (1996) “Goa” (2000) and „Sudakan“ (2010) consist exclusively of sample sounds. Today his studio contains an impressive collection of 22 software and hardware samplers of various types.

In 1997 Chris Hein established the Film & Media production company: „Wizard Media GmbH“.



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