Chris Hein - OCTA

A New Dimension Of Virtual Instruments

Instrument list:

54 Beautiful 

Solo Instruments

32 carefully designed

Synth Instruments

Vibraphone Soft

Vibraphone Medium

Vibraphone Hard

Vibraphone Dynamic

Vibraphone Mute Soft

Vibraphone Mute Medium

Vibraphone Mute Hard

Marimba Soft

Marimba Medium

Marimba Hard

Marimba Dynamic

African Marimba

Xylophone Soft

Xylophone Hard

Xylophone Dynamic


Glockenspiel Mute

Kalimba Finger Soft

Kalimba Nail Hard


Bass Kalimba


Hang Finger

Hang Thumb

Hang Stick

Hang Brushes

Hang Mallets Soft

Hang Mallets Hard

Hang Metal

Tongue Drum Soft

Tongue Drum Hard

Tongue Drum Wood

Wine Glas

My tube


Pizzicato Ensemble

Pizzicato Solo


Harp Flageolet

Harp Inch Harmonics

MonoChord Finger

MonoChord Pick Center

MonoChord Pick Bridge

MonoChord Mallets


Toy Piano

E-Piano 1

E-Piano 2

E-Piano 3 Pad

E-Piano 4

String Ensemble


Fretless Bass

Slit Drum 1

Slit Drum 2


Guitar Acoustic

Ovation Stereo

Ovation Pick Center

Ovation Pick Bridge

Ovation Mute Center

Ovation Mute Bridge

Ambient Vibes

Pad 1 Space Traveler

Pad 2 Singing Heaven

Pad 3 Analog String

Pad 4 Breathing Warm

Pad 5 Spakling Chimes

Pad 6 Evolving Strings

Pad 7 Digital Organ

Pad 8 Cold Breeze

Pad 9 Big & Wide

Pluck 1 Nice and simple

Pluck 2 Funky Attack

Pluck 3 Synth Pizzicato

Pluck 4 Analog Lead

Pluck 5 Guitar Like

Pluck 6 Clean Bell Lead

Pluck 7 Digital Wave

Pluck 8 Waterharp

Pluck 9 Earth Tone

Bel Coloured Bell

Synth Bass 1

Synth Bass 2

Synth Bass 3

Key Thin Metal Keys

Key Rich Glass Keys

Key Windy KeyPad

Key Guitar Magic

Pad Massive Pad 10

Synth Lead 01

Key Bambule

Bel SpaceBells

Pluck Pluck Shape

1.500 extreme dynamic

Drums & Percussions

Hang Percussion

Drum Kit

Perc. Wood

Perc. Metal

Perc. Mix

See Didi Haman exploring a few of the instruments included in CH-OCTA