Cubase Track Icons

hundreds of high quality pictures

to beautify your Mixer Tracks

Cubase Track Icons is a collection of pictures

to be imported in the Cubase Mixer.

The package contains over 500 picture files

sorted in various categories.

All pictures are 300px x 300px .png files

Icons for Homeless

All income goes completely and directly to

„Strassenwächter e.V.“ Cologne, Germany


Icons For Homeless.

All income goes directly to „Strassenwächter e.V.“ Cologne / Germany.

Strassenwächter are a team of 70 young people, who have been committed to helping the homeless in Cologne since 2005. On their daily tours through Cologne city center, they provide homeless and needy people with what they need most. In addition to food and drinks, they also regularly distribute clothing, bandages and hygiene items.

All info about the „Strassenwächter“ is here: (sorry, only in german)

So, please don‘t share this product!

If you feel like you want to give the Track Icons to a friend, simply do another purchase or send him this link. Keep in mind: If you copy and share this product, you steal it directly from the homeless!

If you feel like you want to give more, simply do a second purchase. :-)


Picture Categories:

• Clip Arts

• Cool Stuff   

• Effects Cubase

• Hardware 

• Kontakt-Player Libraries

• SoftSynths Instrument

• CH-Brass

• CH-Horns

• CH-Winds

• CH-Percussion

• Strings

• Bass & Guitar

• Drums

• Ethic Instruments

• Keyboard & Mallets

• Mics & Singers

• Orchestral Perc.